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Current COVID-related restrictions on elective surgical operating have affected our public hospitals and large private hospitals. Here are some reasons why this should not stop you from getting help when you need it:

  1. You may not need surgery! Many problems can be managed without surgery, and non-operative measures can be optimised with some good effect.
  2. We can’t help if we don’t know: if you get assessed, you can get a better idea of diagnosis, recommended treatments, urgency, and a plan for the future.
  3. You may qualify for urgent or semi-urgent surgery, but we won’t know unless you have been assessed properly. Sometimes you aren’t aware that your problem is urgent or semi-urgent, so it’s better to be safe than sorry and get this checked.
  4. Smaller private hospitals have so far been allowed to continue elective operating, with some limitations. You may well be able to have surgery at one of these smaller hospitals without waiting for the heavier restrictions to lift.

Look after yourself and consider organising an appointment to get your hand/wrist problem addressed.