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Dr Sarah Yong

Our aim is to help you get back to living your best life. As an orthopaedic hand specialist and surgeon, Dr Sarah Yong understands very well how much we rely on our hands.

Dr Sarah Yong can assess your hand problem, address your concerns and questions, and treat the problem. We recognise that not all hand problems need surgery, and are able to determine what kind of treatment you need, and organise the best treatment tailored for you and your lifestyle.

We work closely with specialised hand therapists, who have a direct line of communication with us, if they have any concerns about your progress with them. Even without surgery, hand therapists are often a vital part of your rehabilitation, and having a good working relationship with them facilitates the overall quality of your care.

We understand that it’s a hassle to keep coming back to see us every time you have a question, so we try very hard to be approachable and contactable, so that simple questions may be addressed without taking time off to make a trip in to see the doctor. Some things really do need to be re-assessed, or discussed in person, but we try to make sure you know that this is going to happen so you can plan ahead. 

Due to demand, we have increased our consulting sessions in order to create more opportunities for you to see Dr Yong in a timely manner.

Need a medical certificate for work? We can organise this for you – just let us know when you check in to your appointment on the day.

Any more questions? We’re a phone call away.

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